Lay the Groundwork: Thoughts and Tips for Building a Powerful, Peaceful and Lasting Connection with Your Kids

Are your kids making you nuts? Worried they won’t turn out right if you’re not on top of them every step of the way? I certainly was, until someone posed a key question that opened my eyes and started a shift in my approach to raising two boys (and working with my school kids too). This workshop will help you learn the difference between discipline and control and start parents and children on their way to a positive and rewarding lifetime relationship, no matter the age or stage.

Sensory Systems: An Overview and Simple Sensory Strategies for Use at Home (or in the Classroom)

Children (and adults) with sensory issues have trouble achieving/maintaining levels of self-regulation. Good sensory integration—a.k.a. being able to make sense of the world via the five senses (and then some)—should happen automatically. For many this doesn’t happen without some help. This workshop will review and discuss the traditional sensory systems (i.e., sight, touch, etc) and a few most people don’t realize are major contributing factors to integrating and appropriate processing of information from all the sensory channels. Easy, hands-on/readily-incorporated strategies will be provided as well.

Beyond the Treatment Session: Incorporating Occupational Therapy at Home and in the Classroom

Most children spend six hours/day in a classroom setting. Some arrive before school and attend aftercare, then go home to complete homework, have dinner, participate in sporting activities and get ready for bed. That’s a long day.

There are 168 hours in a week. Most therapy sessions run 30-60 minutes. Will one or two sessions a week really make the difference without actively carrying over and/or incorporating some of the techniques in the class or home settings?

This workshop is comprised of a multitude of easily-incorporated strategies to extend the benefits of your child’s sessions into more hours of the day. Having parented two boys while working, I get the stress of trying to work in a “home program.” The suggested activities are meant to fit into your daily routine, not add to it. It’s easier to do so than you think.

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