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Eat Fat/Live Thin(ner): COCONUT Flour Keto Bread—This One is Seriously Easy!

And Oh. SO. GOOD.

Yes, just after Christmas I posted about my first  keto bread, which I made with almond flour.  For once, I followed a recipe as written—I know! I can’t  believe I didn’t mess with the original either!! I found it to be very, very good, and I was quite pleased with it. I had only one beef about the recipe: I can be a  bit lazy when I cook or bake; separating and beating egg whites was a step I prefer avoiding whenever possible. Also, almond flour can be a bit pricey, so I started looking for recipes for my other favorite low-carb staple: coconut flour. I hit on exactly what I was looking for at Keto Connect.

Special thanks to the lovely teacher’s assistant who works across the hall from my classroom—three years in and I STILL find it a wonder to say “my” classroom (Thnx to you, Mr. Awesome Principal!). She loved the sample piece of coconut flour bread I gave her and has been asking for the recipe. (I promised a while back that I would; b/c I tweak everything I can never just link up to the original and move on to the next thing!)

Anyway, here is the original recipe. I’ve made it by following the directions as written but have also added a few changes along the way. This has become a staple I keep on hand. It’s very easy to put together (no separation of eggs required) and keeps very well in the fridge for a week to 10 days.

Here are my tweaks:

I’ve cut the butter back to 6 tbsp;

I’ve added about ¼-cup almond milk (I keep unsweetened vanilla in the house; it works);

I’ve added baking powder* to help get more of a rise (up to a tbsp)

I’ve replaced the herbs and salt  in the recipe with the ever-yummy Everything But The Bagel seasoning by Trader Joe’s. (I also sprinkle it liberally on top prior to putting the bread in the oven, which makes for an extra-flavorful top crust! When I have them, I also add sesame seeds—usually harvested from the bag a traditional-bread braid from a local bakery that Hubby loves—for a little extra crunch and yum!) 😋😋😋

I mix everything as directed in the original recipe but let the batter stand 5-10 minutes prior to transferring to a standard glass loaf pan. I line the pan with parchment paper to make removal of the bread that much easier; totally optional, but I coat the paper lightly with cooking spray too.


*Note: I prefer NOT using baking soda with coconut flour recipes. I’ve tried it and gotten a greenish cast to the finished product. (It’s a normal, harmless reaction, but I’m not very thrilled with the look. Presentation matters, especially when passing samples on to people who are opening themselves up to the notion of low-carb baked goods.) You can use baking soda with almond flour with no worries.

And that’s it! As much as I liked the first keto bread recipe I posted a little after Christmas, I find using coconut flour yields more of a traditional, buttery “bread.” Almond flour yields a product that’s more like a savory pound cake; I much prefer making sweet treats with it. (I’ll share some absolutely incredible almond flour “sweet breads” in upcoming posts, like the utterly delicious low-carb blueberry muffins hanging out with the bread in the image above.)  

Have you tried one or the other or both? Any thoughts or preferences? All feedback welcome!

Until next time,


©Joanne C Timpano, OTR/L, content and images, unless otherwise specified, 2019.

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