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Eat Fat/Live Thin(ner)–Keto Bread–This Is Looking Like a SERIOUS Game-Changer

Happy 4th day of Christmas, people! Hope all of you enjoyed–and/or continue to enjoy–the holiday season, with its festivities and merriment. To those of you who are not quite feeling that way, my wishes that you are feeling peace during what can be a very stressful time!


While I practice what I refer to as “quasi-keto”–I want to be able to make this a life-style friendly way of eating so that I can “stay on the wagon” more often than not. (The 12 days of Christmas most certainly are “off” days!) What I am loving about most keto recipes is that I can have my (keto) cake–or, in this case, bread–and eat it, too. (Only “diet” I’ve ever been on that I can’t wait to get back on–go figure; I always feel like I’m cheating!)

Anyway, I’ve been missing bread wanting to try my hand at making a keto version for a while.  I’ve made the microwave single-serve versions; they’re okay, but only after I nuke the ingredients, then slice and grill the finished product. (It tends to be a 15-minute process overall and can make the house smelly. Yes, it’s yummy as a French toast, but not quite the sliced-bread effect I was looking for.)

Found this gem at Delish–no tweaking this recipe (yet!). Easy and quick to put together (about 20 minutes) and 30 minutes oven time.  (Total time: 50 minutes.) And, if you already keep keto, chances are you have all the ingredients on hand—7 (?) in all.


So far, I am EXTREMELY pleased with the flavor and texture of this bread; reminds me of pound cake, but it’s not sweet. It isn’t eggy, as some keto breads are reputed to be. The only thing I might consider adding is a little liquid—unsweetened almond milk, maybe?—to moisten up the batter a tiny bit. I’m also thinking some shredded cheddar or Parmesan will make it savory.

Can’t wait to toast it, and make me a good, old-fashioned Sammy (over-easy egg on a slice of cheese-covered toast); rustle up grilled cheese or try it with peanut butter—if there is one thing I’ve been missing on keto, it’s a PBJ sandwich. (Next recipe to try: sugar-free strawberry preserves from the reserve I have in the freezer 🙂 ! )

Out of the oven less than an hour ago–yum!

That’s it for today! Wishing all of you a wonderful weekend, and a safe, blessed and healthy new year.

Be well,


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Eat Fat/Live Thin(ner): Coconut Flour-Pumpkin Keto Pancakes!

The season for pumpkin-infused goodies is kind of winding down and sometimes “ya just gotta.” (Not that the health benefits of pumpkin are ever out of season. Just sayin’ 😉.)

Because this recipe is one of the many I’ve saved to my Pinterest account (I currently go by Cottaegal), I need to give credit where credit is due. I’m sure I’ve used others’ recipes as well, but this was this morning’s pick. (See below image for my tweaks to the recipe–Older Son says I never leave well enough alone. He’s right! 😊)

Served with sugarless syrup, butter and whipped cream. Can’t get this kind of keto at a diner or restaurant, not that I know of, anyway.)

So: If you’re following the original recipe, let me know how you made out. Tweaks or not, make sure pancakes are sufficiently browned before attempting to flip them. (Spraying your spatula with cooking spray helps too.) Another note: These will NOT bubble on one side like traditional pancakes. You have to visually inspect the bottom by lifting an edge and peeking–very scientific, I know!

Tweak #1: I doubled the recipe to use up leftover pumpkin that was in the fridge. Easy-peasy and I got me TEN 3-inch pancakes. (If you make them any bigger, they can be quite the challenge to flip.)

Tweak #2: The original recipe calls for ONE tablespoon of water, which translates to TWO for double-recipe. I substituted almond milk–unsweetened vanilla–and added a little half-and-half.

NOTE:  Coconut flour is insanely absorbent! I strongly suggest adding liquid to batter and eyeballing how thick or thin you want it. (I like it the consistency of a very soft pudding, one that teeters on the edge of runny.) Sorry, folks, I don’t  measure. I add a little liquid and stir–probably about 1/8-1/4 cup at a time; let the batter sit at least 5 minutes,  add more liquid and repeat as I see fit. I believe I did this three separate times the last time I made these.

Tweak #3: In addition to pumpkin spice, I add vanilla, cinnamon and a tablespoon or so of melted butter for extra flavor. I also increased the baking powder–maybe just under a teaspoon(?)–to make the pancakes a little more airy. I omitted whey protein. (Just MHO, but something about powdered protein doesn’t sit right in my brain.)

NOTE: On Facebook the other day, someone  commented that these can be dense and not fluffy. (Hi, friend!) When you add enough liquid and baking powder, the texture mimics a white flour pancake that much more.

Tweak #4: I spray a non-stick pan or griddle with cooking spray, then melt butter in the pan before adding batter. I ladle batter in using a soup spoon, which results in the 3-inch pancakes in the image above. Remember: any bigger and they will be no fun to flip, I promise (Been there and done that!😖) Transfer to spatter screen to cool without condensation forming on bottom. (Got mine at dollar store. You can line a plate with a paper towel for a similar effect.)

Final note: Both the batter and the finished pancakes keep very well in the fridge. Put aside some of the former for later in the week, and/or wrap the latter; nuke to warm or crisp up in a frying pan.

And that’s all she wrote—for today anyway!

In the spirit of practicing an attitude of gratitude, allow me to thank each and every one of you for your time and support! Seize the day and make some yumminess all your own!


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Because It’s the Holiday Season…

and few–if any–of us are lacking in the area of ‘busy’, I figured I’d rerun a few of my early posts from this sight. Since my 6+-foot “little one” is asking for ANOTHER fancy-pants set of sneakers for Christmas, this particular pair of posts seemed apropos to re-air.

Good luck getting it all done in time, before the other “big guy” makes his yearly “drive-by.” You know: he’s usually dressed in red and in a toy-laden sleigh being pulled by eight (or nine) reindeer…

What’s My Motivation? (Part One) and What’s My Motivation? (Part Two)

As always, feedback, comments, thoughts and sharing of the content on your social media platform(s) of choice are greatly appreciated!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Franklyn, the front-door greeter!

Have a great day and thank you for your time!


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Eat Fat/Live Thin(ner): Spaghetti-squash “Latkes”

Good morning! Special thanks to Diane for inspiring this post! And I greatly appreciate those of you who let me know you’ve tried my recipes, read other posts, etc. Y’all make my day!

Happy 5th day of Hanukkah to my Jewish friends, co-workers, readers and anyone else who celebrates the Festival of Lights. Wishing all of you peace and joy during this very special time!

Since I drool over pretty much anything potato, I’m always excited during Hanukkah: one of its days involves cooking as part of education–yay! This typically results in the aroma of LATKES frying wafting through the corridor, snagging me and leading me directly to the door of “Miss Sara’s and The Queen of Cool Who Rules the School’s” classroom.

Of course, I said I wouldn’t do it. But: I’m as human as the rest and Hanukkah is once a year. Let’s just say I broke my adherence to quasi-keto ways. I scarfed TWO of those amazing gifts that Hanukkah provides this non-Jewish girl every year—yes, I know I look the part—and stayed out of that room the rest of the day.

Like the aroma in the school halls, however, the thought of latkes permeated my mind all day. The day before, coincidentally, I cooked some leftover spaghetti squash into fritters and realized what was left would be an awesome, keto-esque substitute for the real thing. (That’s the thing about the keto community. We give up our carbs but are forever on the hunt for reasonable facsimiles of carby recipes. In other words, we want to pass on the cake but eat it, too!)

So, to not drag this out any more, here is a recipe for spaghetti-squash “latkes” (because Diane asked)! Please note, I used about a quarter’s worth of a large (?) squash’s leftover strands to get what you see in the photo, made in a 10-inch fry pan. Also note that I kind of threw this together so I didn’t measure anything, but the amounts I list should be enough for half a roasted squash.


pulp of half a roasted spaghetti squash (see recipe below*)

1 egg, lightly beaten

1-2 tbsp of almond meal or almond flour

1/4 cup (or so) shredded Parmesan cheese


salt and pepper to taste

oil for frying (I use canola or olive)


Strain squash strands through a colander or large strainer to remove excess watery by pushing down and stirring. (This VERY IMPORTANT STEP makes it easier to turn the fritters later.) Transfer to a mixing bowl.

Add the rest of the ingredients and stir together. (The consistency was on the creamy side.)

Heat oil in a (preferably non-stick) fry pan over medium to medium-high heat.

Drop mixture by soup-size spoon spoonfuls into oil. (That’s probably a little bigger than a tablespoon. Any bigger and you most likely won’t be able to flip these babies.) Fry until edges and bottoms start to brown;flip and continue frying until cooked through.

TIPS: Fritters should look like those in photo before attempting to flip them. I strongly suggest spraying your spatula with cooking oil before turning fritters too. Alternate idea: if your frying pan is oven-safe, you can put it in the oven under a low-broil flame to finish cooking without having to do the flip!

Transfer to paper towel-lined plate (to drain some of the oil). Es gezunterheyt! (Yiddish for “Eat in health!”)

Image may contain: food

*Roasted Spaghetti Squash


One spaghetti squash (cut in half lengthwise, seeds removed**)

Oil of choice (I use olive)

garlic salt, lemon-pepper (or salt, pepper, etc of choice–or skip salt entirely for low-sodium diet)

Brush each half of squash with oil and season to taste. Bake at 425-450º F for 35-45 minutes until flesh is a little browned and you can pierce skin easily with a fork.

Scrape spaghetti strands out with a fork (you’ll make it down to the skin if you baked long enough).

Enjoy as is and/or use as a pasta substitute!

**A cauliflower cutter makes removing the seeds so much easier. Best li’l investment ever!

Have a great day and weekend! If you try the recipe, let me know how you it turns out!


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