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Early Mother’s Day Wishes and Memories Too!

Here’s to all of you in the trenches of motherhood–who knew how crazy it would get sometimes? (Er…all the time?) ūüėČ

I’m always cleaning and/or organizing something. A few weeks back, I decided to attack the “catch-all” basket at the base of my living room stairs.

Found this precious,¬†made-at-school¬†“coupon book”¬†buried under blankets, photos, shorts and who-knows-what else:

Mothers Day coupon book cover

Older Son (who is now 18) made this for me in 2nd or 3rd grade. Some are fairly standard, and both boys have kind of divvied these coupons between them (i.e., Younger Son has taken over feeding the cats. Older Son still takes walks with his ma…)

Mothers day coupons

Some stood out:

Mothers day coupon--listen

I don’t remember Older Son always saying, “Mom.”¬†Younger Son prefaces EVERY statement,¬†question or phone call with “Mom” or “Yeah, Mom.”¬†He¬†even texts me, “Mom”¬†prior to sending the¬†actual message in the subsequent text.

This next one stands alone. (It’s my favorite). Older Son tended to be a tad active as a child. I’d say he was “lunaticking” in those high energy moments.

Mothers day coupon--lunatic

Here’s to a wonderful day to all, and especially to all the moms and those in mother roles. You deserve it! Go make some memories!


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